6 Lean Burger Blends for BBQ Season

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6 Lean Burger Blends for BBQ Season

Firing up the grill? Consider this your ultimate guide to busting burger boredom, with six healthy ways to pick, mix, and cook your meat.

Use a less fatty cut of meat and combine it with a surprising nutrient-packed ingredient. You’ll still get a hearty dose of protein, immune-boosting zinc, and vitamin b12, which you need to keep your nerves and blood healthy.

Shop for it: Look for 95% lean ground beef, which has only 2 grams of heart unhealthy saturated fat and 140 calories per 3-ounce patty.

Blend it: Lean beef can become dry, so mix it with minced white button mushrooms. The ‘shrooms will add moisture back in without diminishing meaty texture. Added bonus: Mushrooms are a proven immune system booster, and—when swapped out for red meat—can help you lose body fat . (For every pound of beef, use about a quarter cup of chopped mushrooms .)

Cook it: Flip frequently and avoid charring your meat—doing so keeps production of cancer-causing chemicals called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) to a minimum.

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