6 Lean Burger Blends for BBQ Season

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6 Lean Burger Blends for BBQ Season

Firing up the grill? Consider this your ultimate guide to busting burger boredom, with six healthy ways to pick, mix, and cook your meat.

Cutting your meat consumption just a little can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Oh, and it’s good for the environment too, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing water usage. So why not try a hearty veggie burger once a week?

Shop for it: There are loads of different meatless burgers to choose from. For a patty that’s just as satisfying as a meat-based one, look for a recipe that uses protein- and fiber-rich beans as a base. Both nutrients are pros at helping you feel full.

Blend it: Pulse one can of drained, rinsed black beans in the food processor; combine with seasonings like garlic powder and dried oregano, and use one egg and whole wheat breadcrumbs to bind patties together.

Cook it: Since bean burgers may fall apart on the grill, cook over aluminum foil or indoors on a grill pan to avoid losing any pieces to the open flame.

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