7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

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7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

Make smarter choices at the grocery store with these healthier meal and snack options.


The world of energy drinks is a scary one. Most cans you find at the convenience store are full of unnatural ingredients you can’t pronounce and probably shouldn’t be putting in your body. While a cup of green tea or a straight shot of ginger would be the most natural and healthiest way to get a boost of energy, it’s not always an option, which is where EBOOST comes into play. The berry-melon energy shot contains 74 seaweed-derived trace minerals, citamins, antioxidants, green tea, green coffee been extracts, and coconut water. It comes in a convenient 2-ounce shot that you can grab and take with you anywhere. 

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