7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

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7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

Make smarter choices at the grocery store with these healthier meal and snack options.

Try: Near East Quinoa Blend

Regular pasta isn’t necessarily the devil, but it doesn’t really provide your body with much fuel, either. It’s a simple carb so it’s going to break down fast and quickly convert into sugar. A better option: quinoa. It’s got all the essential amino acids and is a complex carb that'll keep you fuller longer and also feed your muscles. Plain quinoa can be a bit boring, and cooking up a homemade sauce or a bunch of sides can be time-consuming. Instead, opt for a quinoa blend from Near East. The roasted red pepper and basil flavor is a combination of quinoa and long-grain brown rice. It comes with a flavor packet so you don’t need to worry about getting creative with your spices. You have the option of cooking it on the stove or in the microwave. Either way, you'll have a great tasting, healthy dish in less than 20 minutes.

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