7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

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7 Healthy Food Swaps for the On-the-Go Guy

Make smarter choices at the grocery store with these healthier meal and snack options.

Try: R.W. Knudsen Low-Sodium Organic Vegetable Juice

Bottled juice can be scary depending on which one you spring for. As a rule of thumb, any juice that contains fruit is also likely to contain a lot of sugar so try to avoid those when possible. A fantastic option for when you just need to guzzle something other than water—R.W. Knudsen’s Low Sodium Organic Veggie Juice. The first ingredient on the label is filtered water, followed by organic tomato paste. Tomato paste is one of the most potent sources of lycopene, which helps your body fight free radicals. Low sodium is also key here because many versions of vegetable juice contain stockpiles of salt. Last but not least: One serving sets you back only 60 calories.

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