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8 Fat-Burning and Muscle-Building Snack Alternatives for All Your Cravings

You can burn fat, build muscle, and crush any midday craving, but you need the right weapons. Here is your office arsenal.

You’re Craving: Candy

Why: Your brain is begging for sugar, either to release endorphins or raise blood-sugar levels. Either way, the other possible culprit might surprise you. “Caffeinated beverages [like coffee] can increase blood-sugar levels, and when those levels come back down you can experience cravings for sweets,” Bottone says.

Candy Alternative: The Burn Fat Option

Snap Infusion Supercandy

These low-cal, low-carb jelly beans; gummy candies; and caramels deliver beneficial, free radical–fighting antioxidants, cell-supporting electrolytes, and energizing B vitamins to kick your metabolism into high gear and snap your mind into focus.

Candy Alternative: The Build Muscle Option

GNC Pro Performance RapidDrive Glutamine 2500 Power Chews

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Each of these soft chews delivers 2,500mg of glutamine, one of the most important amino acids for building lean muscle. Glutamine also plays a key role in hydrating muscle cells and preventing muscle breakdown.



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