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89 Ways to Eat Smarter Now

The fit Guy's guide to healthy food shopping and eating

[PART 2] OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE . . . Survive the Danger Zones

Home may be the easiest place to eat healthy, but that doesn't mean you can't find lean, low-calorie options outside your front door, says New York–based nutritionist Elisa Zied, R.D., a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and author of So What Can I Eat? "All you have to do is plan a little more and be savvy about what you're eating," she says.

Survival Strategies:
• Have the bread and chip baskets stripped from the table.
• Start with a bulky, low-calorie option—such as salad or broth-based soup—to fill you up with a minimum of calories.
• Split your entrée or order an appetizer and a salad.
• As you're eating, sip your water or put your fork down between bites so you don't inhale your meal.

Potential traps:
• Creamy, oily sauces (order them on the side; you'll use less); fatty cuts of meat; excessive starches (such as bread and potatoes in one meal)

Safe bets:
• Grilled or baked meats and fish, pasta with marinara sauce, chicken or fish teriyaki, shrimp or chicken fajitas

Survival Strategies:
• Order your burger or sandwich plain and add your own ketchup or mustard.
• Skip the combo meals and order à la carte to avoid fries and soda (tougher on your wallet, yes, but easier on the waistline).

Potential traps:
• Fried foods, high-calorie drinks

Safe bets:
• A burger or chicken sandwich with garden salad and low-fat dressing

Survival Strategies:
• Have a midmorning snack so you don't gorge yourself.
• Fill your plate once (and only once).
• Don't be afraid to cut things in half before putting them on
your plate, especially those king-size desserts.

Potential traps:
• Fried, greasy foods; monster-size cookies; deli sandwiches loaded with mayonnaise or other saucytoppings

Safe bets:
• Lean meats sans gravy or heavy sauces, whole-wheat
pasta with marinara sauce

Survival Strategies:

• Don't go crazy with the dressings—one spoonful is plenty.
• Slather your sandwich with ketchup, mustard, salsa, or hummus instead of butter, mayo, or cream cheese.
• Steer clear of mayonnaise-laced pasta and potato salads.

• Potential traps:
Salad toppings such as crispy fried noodles,cheese, bacon bits, or croutons

Safe bets:
• Veggies, beans, lean deli meat on whole-wheat bread,
bean or tomato soup


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