9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

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9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

Feeling bloated? It isn’t just those salty fries and chips you need to watch—sodium lurks large in some surprising dietary staples.

One Cup Raisin Bran cereal = 250 mg of sodium

Ready-to-pour cereals, while convenient, can be serious salt culprits, says San Francisco-based nutritionist Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD. Why? It’s simple: We often have a couple of servings in one sitting, which bumps our sodium intake up. That’s why Dobbas recommends checking the nutrition facts panel when selecting cereals, choosing one that contains less than 35 mg of sodium per serving whenever possible. Kashi Autumn Wheat, Quaker Oats, and Kind Granola all fit the bill.


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