9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

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9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

Feeling bloated? It isn’t just those salty fries and chips you need to watch—sodium lurks large in some surprising dietary staples.

One tablespoon = 167 mg of sodium

One tablespoon of ketchup doesn’t seem like the worst offender. But think about how much you usually use— probably not just a spoonful—and then consider what it’s poured on (your once-in-a-while French fry splurge, which is already doused in salt). Yeah, so that is how it adds up. If you can’t dip liberally, have fries with very-low-in-sodium vinegar (one tablespoon has less than 1 mg) instead, and swap out table salt for health-protective herbs like rosemary, oregano, paprika, pepper, or curry power.


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