9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

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9 Sodium Shockers in Your Everyday Diet

Feeling bloated? It isn’t just those salty fries and chips you need to watch—sodium lurks large in some surprising dietary staples.

3 slices of deli turkey breast = up to 1,050 mg

Sure, you want to get your lean protein in. We get it. Just be careful what type you buy and what you pair it with. Opt for low-sodium deli meats, suggests Dobbas, or buy your own lean proteins, such as skinless chicken breasts or extra lean ground turkey—and get cooking. Pro tip: You can also have half a sandwich and pair it with a side salad made from a base of potassium-rich spinach or kale, suggests Dr. Gulati. Potassium has a blood-pressure-lowering effect, which can somewhat counteract sodium’s effect on the body.


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