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9 Things You’d Have to Give Up to Eat Like Tom Brady

The quarterback's private chef shared his diet restrictions with
9 Things You’d Have to Give Up to Eat Like Tom Brady

Tom and wife Gisele Bundchen’s personal chef Allen Campbell talked to about what the couple (and their kids) eat to stay in such d*mn good shape. Want to give it a try? First off, you should know that it’s 80 percent fresh, organic veggies and whole grains like quinoa, millet, and beans. The other 20 percent? Lean meat including grass-fed organic steak, wild salmon, duck, and—only occasionally—chicken. A typical meal might be quinoa with wilted swiss chard or kale with toasted almonds and garlic (in coconut oil). But, there’s a lot of stuff that’s NOT on the menu at the Brady house. Here are some of the things you’d have to give up if you wanted to eat like the star quarterback yourself.

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Campbell only uses Himalayan pink salt—never the iodized stuff you get in those little packets, he told Here are five ways to cut salt that you won't notice.

You should know by now that sugar is pretty much the root of all evil. Other than the obvious physical downsides, the sweet stuff can also mess with your brain

Just like white sugar, white flour is pretty bad for you. But that doesn't mean you have to shun all carbs. Instead, reach for whole ones like these 7 healthy grains every guy should know. 

OK, so Campbell does use raw olive oil to dress salads and such—but never to cook with, per Instead he cooks with coconut oil. Find out 8 reasons you should use the stuff yourself, here.

These veggies are “not anti-inflammatory," said Campbell. So, he doesn’t cook with them. Tart cherries, on the other hand, may fight inflammation. 

Can't imagine life without coffee? Forgot about following Brady's diet. He skips the morning cup of Joe as well as caffeine of all types. Here are some of the dangers of caffeine that might make his reasoning make a little more sense. 

While some say dairy can help people stay trim, other experts argue otherwise, including Campbell, per Check out these ten dairy-free ways to get more calcium.

Except for the occasional banana-in-a-smoothie, Brady shuns fruit. If you do choose to keep fruit in your diet, consider these best fruits for men.


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