America's 20 Best Date Restaurants

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America's 20 Best Date Restaurants

Whether you have reason to celebrate or just want to impress a first date, check out these James Beard-winning eateries that will have her eating out of your hand.

Foreign Cinema - San Francisco, CA

One of the West Coat’s ultimate date spots, Foreign Cinema has an outdoor dining area where foreign films are projected onto the side of an adjoining building. Watching movies while eating dinner? It just may be the perfect backdrop by which to enjoy husband-and-wife John Clark and Gayle Pirie’s Mediterranean menu. In keeping with San Fran traditions, the menu is made mostly from seasonal, sustainably farmed, and organic ingredients. And this date won't break your wallet: Unlike most of America’s award-winning dining establishments, the menu here is moderately-priced. Another bonus is that there’s a connected bar, Laszlo Bar, for some liquid courage to start off your date.



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