Back in Black: The Healthiest Food Hue

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Back in Black: The Healthiest Food Hue

For food that packs a healthful punch, go to the dark side.

Black sesame seeds are packed with tons more antioxidants than their white counterparts. Nutrients like calcium, zinc and iron, vitamin B, copper, magnesium and phosphorus contained in each little seed. Black sesame seeds provide four grams of omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids and plenty of protein. In fact, just two tablespoons of the seeds contain three grams of protein, which is necessary for helping build muscle and repair tissue post-workout.

These nutrient-rich seeds help support healthy bones, muscles, blood and nervous systems. (The copper in the seeds help strengthen blood vessels, joints and bones, while the magnesium supports vascular and respiratory health.) Sweet and nutty in flavor, black sesame seeds are a great topping for salmon (or any fish), poultry or salad.


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