Boost Brainpower With These Foods

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Boost Brainpower With These Foods

Food for thoughts? These everyday eats pack a brain-powering punch.
You forget where you left your car or house keys. Everything your boss is saying went in one ear and out the other. It happens to the best of us. Stress, age and life as a whole can lead to loss of concentration, forgetfulness and more serious memory loss, but adding a few good things to your diet can strengthen your thinking cap. “We have to make diet a priority over work,” says Thom Zwawa, a personal trainer, certified nutrition coach and the creator of Fitness de Cuisine. “If we prioritize food over work, we work better because our brains are functioning better.” Good fats, whole grains, dark berries and other fruits—even something as simple as water—can help combat age- or stress-related memory loss and lack of concentration.


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