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Carb Cycling: What You Need to Know

Chris Powell on why it works and why (plus how!) you should try it.

You’ve heard a lot of negative things about carbs lately. And it’s true that eating them in excess is not a good thing for any fit guy trying to trim up for summer. But there is a case for keeping some carbs in your diet. Especially if you’re an endurance athlete training for something like a marathon or Iron Man. Another popular trend in nutrition these days has to do with intermittent fasting—where you fast for hours at a time and then eat all your food in a smaller window. 

Carb cycling is a way of eating that sort of hits notes from both of these methods. We talked to celeb trainer Chris Powell, author of Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days, who is a devoted carb cycler, to talk about what it is, why you should try it, and what you eat.

“Not only do I use carb cycling for all of our clients, but I have carb cycled for years with incredible results," says Powell. “It is totally customizable based on your needs and goals, but beyond the physiological benefits of this designed way of eating, it also allows you to enjoy a lot of different foods and meal combinations (bread, rice, and pasta on high carb days…and fattier foods like bacon, cheese, and peanut butter on low carb days) that you don’t get to enjoy when following a mono-structural low carb or low fat diet.”

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