8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

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8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Sure, you can probably get away with making meals using a set of mismatched pots and a battered cookie sheet, but once you're ready to actually enjoy cooking—and make your meals as healthy as possible—its time to upgrade your equipment. Here's how.

Now this is a real man's pan: Despite the fact that cast iron is on the heavier side (you can handle the weight, can't you?), the Lodge skillet is a no-nonsense piece of cookware that will set you back a Jackson and will literally last forever.

Since it already comes pre-seasoned (treated with fat and oil to make the surface less sticky), you can use it right out of the box to make big breakfasts and hearty dinners. Cast iron is an insane conductor, distributor and retainer of heat; this means the surface can get hot enough to put an incredible sear/crust on your steaks, locking in the juices and fats that make meat taste so damn good.

(amazon.com; $20)


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