8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

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8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Sure, you can probably get away with making meals using a set of mismatched pots and a battered cookie sheet, but once you're ready to actually enjoy cooking—and make your meals as healthy as possible—its time to upgrade your equipment. Here's how.

Want to seriously impress a date without working very hard? We taking a crack at cooking her a whole chicken. Trust us, it's one of the easiest things in the world to make—just season the bird with salt and pepper, massage some oil or butter onto the skin and cook it breast side down a roasting rack—like this option from Caphalon—for a half hour before finishing it off breast side up.

The pan, which can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees F, is an excellent conductor of heat; the V-shape of the rack holds the bird above its drippings, which collect to form the early makings of gravy.

After a practice run or two, we know you'll find the roasting technique easy to master—which leaves you free to focus on how you'll seal the deal with your date.

(hayneedle.com; $130)


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