8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

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8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Sure, you can probably get away with making meals using a set of mismatched pots and a battered cookie sheet, but once you're ready to actually enjoy cooking—and make your meals as healthy as possible—its time to upgrade your equipment. Here's how.

Just because the mercury has plunged and your back porch looks like a frozen wasteland doesn't mean you have to give up on grilling for the winter (or due to any precipitous precipitation).

By investing in an enamel-clad cast iron grill pan (like this from Mario Batali's line created by Dansk), you can treat your meat to the same kind of high-temperature preparation as you would when grilling it outdoors—and lock in those oh-so-important char marks on your burgers and steaks. What's nice is that you can pop the whole pan in the dishwasher when you're done—something we can't say for your outdoor grill.

(bedbathandbeyond.com; $90)


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