8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

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8 Cookware Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Sure, you can probably get away with making meals using a set of mismatched pots and a battered cookie sheet, but once you're ready to actually enjoy cooking—and make your meals as healthy as possible—its time to upgrade your equipment. Here's how.

It's totally cool to order up a few pies when you have the guys coming over to watch the game. But if you really want to blow your taste buds away with bubbling, melted cheese and a perfectly crisp, golden brown crust—then you have to make the pizza yourself.

Fortunately, a brand-new product that came to life with the help of civilian investors on Kickstarter.com is now available to the masses. In a nutshell, this 1/4-inch thick, 15 pound piece of food grade steel is capable of turning your regular household oven into the kind that can produce gourmet-level Italian and American-style pizza.

That's because steel is able to hold onto and impart a ton of heat, resulting in that light, air-filled, slightly-burnt crust that tastes unlike anything you'll get from a mass-produced chain. Once you get the hang of it (literally: Just turn up your oven full blast, slap your dough down and bake it) you may just feel confident enough to serve it up to the boys on their next visit to your place. Trust us: They'll be way more impressed than with delivery.

(bakingsteel.com; $100)


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