Easy, Healthy Meals: 7 Best Canned Soups

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Easy, Healthy Meals: 7 Best Canned Soups

What are your top low-fat, low-sodium options? Here, nutritionists’ healthiest picks for winter’s ultimate—and most convenient—comfort food.

160 calories; 480mg sodium; 8g protein; 7g fiber per serving (two per can)

Beans are likely the most underrated nutrition powerhouse, says Dimitriou, and this three-bean soup is naturally low-fat and filling—while also free from saturated fat, trans-fat, and cholesterol. That said, despite it’s “high-fiber” labeling, this soup really has about the same amount of fiber as all of the other soups listed here. (Worth pointing out, simply so you know to look at labels closely, beyond their splashy, big-print claims.)

Upgrade: Sprinkle on a quarter cup of low-fat shredded cheese for a calcium boost, and add extra flavor—and health benefits—with chopped onion (a natural antibacterial) and immune-boosting garlic cloves.


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