Make it better: A few simple substitutions can transform any vat of ground beef, spices, and tomatoes from just another greasy bowl of chili into a healthy, filling, and hearty meal. First, forget about going con carne and chuck a can of rinsed black or red beans into your pot. This adds flavor and texture as well as fiber and protein. Then toss in a cup of corn (either frozen or canned) for more fiber and crunch. Finish off individual bowls of chili with shredded low-fat cheese, diced onion, and fat-free sour cream.

Milk Shake
Make it better: Your average shake harbors more than 200 calories per cup. So the next time your ice cream craving strikes, think high-protein mini-meal rather than sugar-filled dessert. Start with a couple of scoops of sugar-free or no-sugar-added ice cream or frozen yogurt. Then fill your blender with skim milk instead of whole-and add a scoop of protein powder for a hefty nutrient boost. If you need a chocolate fix, add a dash of sugar-free chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. Or, if you prefer fruit flavors, drop in some bananas, berries, or a combo of the two for a truly guilt-free concoction.

Tuna Casserole
Make it better: Pasta, tuna, and cream of mushroom soup are the three essentials for tuna casserole. To make this classic dish leaner, ditch the white pasta and use a whole-wheat pasta or pasta blend instead. Add a can of tuna packed in water-oil-packed tuna has twice the calories. Then, stir it all together with a can of low-fat mushroom soup (Campbell's just introduced a new line with 25% less sodium), plus - for flavor and fiber - a handful of either fresh string beans or frozen peas.

Grilled Cheese
Make it better: As simple as it is to make, even the humble grilled cheese can be made healthier. Start by switching white bread for whole-wheat and regular American cheese for Kraft Fat-Free Slices. Regular cheese has 100 calories and 7 grams of fat per slice; the fat-free slices are only 30 calories and zero grams of fat. (That means you can double up on the cheese for a gooey sandwich and still save calories.) Instead of buttering the bread, spray it with butter-flavored spray and cook it in a nonstick skillet. For added cancer-fighting lycopene plus a dose of additional protein, layer a couple of slices of fresh tomato and ham or turkey breast. Cheesy and delicious.