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Powerful Food Pairings That Fight for Your Health

These disease-fighting combos are greater than the sum of their nutritional parts.

Some talents just work better as a team. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Karl Malone and John Stockton. They bring out the best in each another. Food can work that way, too. Although researchers tend to isolate foods, nutrients, or phytochemicals and study their effects on health, there’s growing interest among nutrition scientists in examining the relationships between them. The foods that follow can do more for your health together than they ever could alone.

"Food synergy is when components within or between foods work together in the body for maximum health benefits,” says Elaine Magee, R.D., the author of 25 books, including Food Synergy. “By eating foods that have a synergistic effect, you can absorb more nutrients, gain control of your appetite, and lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and weight-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes.”

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Synergy can occur across different types of foods or even within a food itself, and the tag-team ingredients don’t necessarily need to be in the same mouthful, or even the same meal.

Combo 1: Onions and Grapes >>>



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