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Powerful Food Pairings That Fight for Your Health

These disease-fighting combos are greater than the sum of their nutritional parts.

Combo 1 - Onions and Grapes

Fights: Allergies, cancer, weight gain

Quercetin is a powerful plant-derived antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, but it’s especially concentrated in onions. It’s been shown to help relieve allergy symptoms and offer significant cardiovascular protection by improving circulation—which, by extension, also supports erectile function.

Meanwhile, the polyphenol antioxidant catechin, found in high doses in black grapes, can help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurological disorders, and may even help you lose weight.

Together, these foods may inhibit blood clots and boost overall heart health. Add sliced red grapes and diced onion to chicken salad, or combine them with a few other healthful ingredients to make chutney as a perfect complement to grilled chicken.



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