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Fat Burning and Muscle Building Snacks

You can burn fat, build muscle, and crush any midday craving, but you need the right weapons. Here is your office arsenal.

You’re Craving: Chocolate

Why: A hunger for chocolate is most likely a hunger for sugar. “The cocoa in chocolate also contains low levels of caffeine,” Bottone says, “about 5–25 milligrams, or as much as in ‘caffeine-free’ coffee—which may contribute to cravings.” We told you the office is a dietary minefield: Even the decaf coffee is a lie!

Chocolate Alternative: The Burn Fat Option

Rise Protein+ Bar

Rise’s Almond Honey Protein+ Bar contains just three ingredients. No, we don’t mean three ingredients plus colors and preservatives—three actual ingredients: whey protein, honey, and almonds. The Crunchy Carob Chip version is perfect for chocolate fiends, and both flavors provide heart-health benefits and steady energy.

Chocolate Alternative: The Build Muscle Option

Clif Builder’s Max

Protein is the single most important nutrient for building muscle. Clif’s new Builder’s Max bar delivers 30 grams of protein (more than a typical protein shake), including fast-acting whey protein isolate, extended-release casein, and even soy protein, to keep your muscles saturated with everything they need to grow.



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