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Fat Burning and Muscle Building Snacks

You can burn fat, build muscle, and crush any midday craving, but you need the right weapons. Here is your office arsenal.

You're Craving: Soda

Why: Soda typically contains both sugar and caffeine, so there’s that, but your body is likely trying to tell you something more important. “What you think is a craving for soda may just be thirst,” Bottone says. “By staying well hydrated you may experience fewer cravings, with the added benefit of better skin and overall health.”


Soda Alternative: The Burn Fat Option


Although it’s marketed as a negative-calorie drink, cracking open a cold can of this great-tasting energy drink won’t strip away the fat from your abs just like that. (Sorry.) It will, however, increase the amount of calories you’ll burn while doing anything else, like exercising or even just walking to the water cooler.

Soda Alternative: The Build Muscle Option

Isopure ZeroCarb

Math class is in session: If there are four calories per gram of protein, and 40 grams of protein in every 160-calorie, 20-ounce bottle of Isopure ZeroCarb, what’s left? The answer is nothing. It’s filled to the brim with whey protein isolate; you won’t find a more efficient muscle-building beverage.



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