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Fat Burning and Muscle Building Snacks

You can burn fat, build muscle, and crush any midday craving, but you need the right weapons. Here is your office arsenal.

You're Craving: Chips

Why: Your body needs salt; sodium works with potassium to keep cells functioning optimally— but too much will screw up that balance. “Getting enough salt in the diet is not a problem for most of us,” Bottone says. “But this was not always the case, which may explain why our bodies have a mechanism in place to crave it.”

Chips Alternative: The Burn Fat Option

Corazonas Tortilla Chips

Research suggests that rapid weight loss can increase LDL cholesterol in some people. These whole-wheat chips deliver all the crunch and flavor you’re craving, plus LDL-lowering CoroWise plant sterols—a branded version of the compounds found in fruits and vegetables.

Chips Alternative: The Build Muscle Option

Simply Protein Chips

When you think potato chips, you think carbs. Well, think again, and meet the best thing to happen to potato chips since salsa: It packs 15 grams of muscle-building pea protein and just 11 grams of carbs; you can single-handedly crush a whole bag of these low-glycemic chips guilt-free.



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