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Fight Workout Fatigue Forever

The dietary and supplemental strategies to keep your workout fire from burning out early.

Even if you have the guts, pushing through the last couple sets of your training sessions and eking out three or four extra reps can be tough it your body’s biochemistry is fighting against you. Muscle fatigue that develops during the later part of your workout is usually brought on by two different factors (often at the same time) that can break your progress and motivation. Lack of nutrients being delivered to your muscles. If your muscles aren’t receiving the proper nutrients and fuel during your workout their ability to continually and forcefully contract will be impaired leaving you a couple reps short when you need them the most. By increasing blood flow to your muscles and continuing to deliver the needed nutrients, your muscles will keep contracting and you’ll keep pumping out the reps. A buildup of metabolic waste in your muscles. The building up of metabolic waste in your muscles signals your body that your muscles have been working too hard and have used up the fuel it has. Your body responds to this by starting to shut your muscles down. By clearing out the metabolic waste in your muscle cells, your body will never get the signal to put the foot on the brakes, and you’ll be able to hit your rep targets late into your workout. Before you lose out with your workouts try these four strategies that you can use to fight muscle fatigue and finish your workouts strong. START: PREP RIGHT >>


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