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Fight Workout Fatigue Forever

The dietary and supplemental strategies to keep your workout fire from burning out early.

Proper Pre-Workout Nutrition

The magic bullet for lethargic muscles during a training sessions is proper pre-workout nutrition. Start fueling your body before your workout. You should begin with a blend of carbohydrates and amino acids (even as simple as 20-30 oz. of Gatorade with 5-10 grams of branched chain amino acids). The carbohydrate/amino acid combination has been shown to increase both blood flow to muscles and protein synthesis (i.e. muscle growth), the former being key for making sure your muscles don’t get prematurely fatigued while training. The increased blood flow to your muscles will result in the delivery of more nutrients to fuel your muscles as well as the clearing of built up metabolic waste. More about Pre and Post Workout Nutrition >> NEXT: CLEAR OUT THE WASTE >>


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