Use Caffeine

Overtime certain stimulants have come into and fallen out of favor. Ephedra was every meathead’s upper of choice but its shady role in 37 incidences of stroke, heart attack and sudden death and over 900 reports of ephedra toxicity, the FDA to yank it off the shelves in the 2004. More recently 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) has become very popular for its ability to take people from sleepy to superhuman in no time. But just last month, the US Army implicated the use of supplements containing DMAA as potentially playing a role in the deaths of two soldiers. Ephedra is out, DMAA is out, what is left? Ol’ reliable, caffeine. Caffeine has been shown in numerous studies to be safe and well tolerated (in some instances in 600 mg dosages). Research shows that pre-workout caffeine can reduce perception of exercise induced muscle pain. So if you’re finding that the aches and lactic acid burn from your fat loss complexes is too much to bear, then pre-workout caffeine may be exactly what you need to fight through the pain and get the extra reps you need. One important thing to remember with the use of any stimulant is that you can burn out from overuse, so use them strategically and wisely. NEXT: TIME OUT >>