Fit Food: The Benefits of Cabbage

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Fit Food: The Benefits of Cabbage

It’s time to stop hating on this winter-friendly super food, which is packed with fiber and Vitamin C. Here, five easy cabbage recipes to help you fall in love.

Yes, this Korean dish is even more pungent than sauerkraut—but it’s totally worth it. Made with a mix of cabbage, garlic, salt, vinegar, chili peppers, and vinegar, it packs a ton of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and beta carotene. And since it’s swarming with good-for-you bacteria like lactobacilli, it can also aid digestion. Hip food trucks have started shelling kimchi-topped hotdogs, but for a lower-sodium option, try kimchi as part of a protein-filled breakfast. Serve it as a garnish to a vegetable omelet, like you’d add a dollop of hot sauce or salsa. (Memo to dudes with sensitive taste buds: this dish packs heat!)


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