Fit Food: The Benefits of Citrus

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Fit Food: The Benefits of Citrus

If you’re looking to lose your belly for summer or simply up your antioxidant intake, it doesn’t get much better than this fiber- and Vitamin C-rich family of fruits. Learn how to work them into any meal.
Even your favorite lean protein can get a little boring night after night, so switch up your serving style by topping it off with an easy citrus salsa. Just dice one red grapefruit, one orange, and one tomato; then, add minced jalapeno pepper, diced red onion, and fresh chopped cilantro to taste. Combine, drain, and spoon on top of grilled chicken or fish. “The Vitamin C will boost the bioavailability of the iron in the poultry or fish, meaning your body can use it better,” says Mangieri. “It’s a winning combo.”


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