Fit Food: The Benefits of Lentils

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Fit Food: The Benefits of Lentils

Rich in fiber, protein, and folate, these little legumes pack a ton of nutrition. Check out these five easy ways to add them to your diet.

Are you looking to cut down on red meat? Many vegetarians claim that the best veggie burgers are brown lentil-based, thanks to their hearty texture—some even claim that they grill up just fine, too. About 1 cup of dry lentils, once cooked, will yield about 8 patties when mixed with egg, olive oil, chopped onion, grated carrots, whole-wheat bread crumbs, and your seasonings of choice. (Many recipes even call for a whole grain, like brown rice or rolled oats, as well.) Warning: It may take some experimentation to get the taste and texture just right—but believe us, it’s worth the effort.


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