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The Fittest (and Fattest) of the Fast

What to order at The Big Three

Burger King Top Picks

Whopper Junior
370 calories
21 g total fat
570 mg sodium

BK Veggie Burger
420 calories
16 g total fat
1,100 mg sodium

290 calories
12 g total fat
560 mg sodium

Fired Grilled Chicken Caesar w/o dressing*
190 calories
7 g total fat
900 mg sodium
*dressing adds 130 calories

Burger King Worst Choice

Triple Whopper w/ Cheese
1,230 calories
82 g total fat
1,590 mg sodium

McDonald's Top Picks

250 calories
9 g total fat
520 mg sodium

Small French Fries
250 calories
13 g total fat
140 mg sodium

300 calories
12 g total fat
750 mg sodium

Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap w/ Honey Mustard
260 calories
9 g total fat
800 mg sodium

Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait
160 calories
2 g total fat
85 mg sodium

Caesar Salad w/ Grilled Chicken w/o dressing*
220 calories
6 g total fat
890 sodium
*dressing adds 190 calories

McDonald's Worst Choice

Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
740 calories
42 g total fat
1,380 mg sodium

Wendy's Top Picks

Plain Baked Potato*
270 calories
0 g total fat
25 mg sodium
*small chili adds 220 calories

Chicken Nuggets*
230 calories
15 g total fat
520 mg sodium
*5 pieces

Ultimate Chicken Grill
320 calories
7 g total fat
950 mg sodium

Mandarin Chicken Salad w/o dressing*
170 calories
2.5 g total fat 520 mg sodium
*no toppings

Wendy's Worst Choice

830 calories
51 g total fat
1,920 mg sodium

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