Five Hot Dogs That Aren't Too Hard on Your Body

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Five Hot Dogs That Aren't Too Hard on Your Body

Light a fire under the classic cookout staple with a host of healthy and tasty ingredient alternatives.

According to van Kraayenburg, the hot dog you’re likely to encounter at Kansas City Royals games—an all-beef dog with melted Swiss and sauerkraut—“has little to do with Kansas City.” Instead, he proposes a “real” KC dog that fully embodies the smoky, meaty essence of KC. After a long day of grilling, “stack some burnt ends, a sloppy helping of Kansas City barbecue sauce, plus a few pickle slices, and you’ve got one heck of a protein-packed dog.”

1 all-beef hot dog
1 bun
Handful of burnt ends (chopped-up pieces of meat cut from ends of brisket or other barbecued meats)
2 tbsp Kansas City barbecue sauce
2 tbsp bread-and-butter pickle slices

Grill hot dog. Place it in bun. Top with burnt ends, barbecue sauce, and pickle slices.

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