Foods That Hit the 'Reset' Button

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Foods That Hit the 'Reset' Button

Healing fare for the sleep-deprived, sugar-addicted, binge drinkers and more.
You did it again. You drank way too much, smoked or maybe you’re just living off of four—or fewer—hours sleep. It was another on-the-go meal at McDonald's, or maybe it’s those buffalo wings that saw their end in your belly. Whatever the vice, there are some foods that can help you get back on track to a healthier life. It’s never too late to reset some of the damage, but remember to take things slow.

“Let what happened in the past stay in the past and think about moving forward when it comes to your health,” says Keri Gans, registered dietician and author of The Small Change Diet. “It’s important for men to take on new changes slowly, not overwhelm themselves. There’s no time like the present to make small changes for their health.”

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