Foods That Hit the 'Reset' Button

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Foods That Hit the 'Reset' Button

Healing fare for the sleep-deprived, sugar-addicted, binge drinkers and more.

There goes another weekend full of booze. You’re dehydrated, hungry and depleted, and this is the moment to reach for the right fuel. To all those weekend warriors who party after the work week, meet your new friend: avocado. “Avocados are food you should eat every day,” says Len Glassman, a certified health nutritionist, trainer and owner of the Personal Best Training Center. “They have so many things going for them. There’s vitamin E. They have the good mono and unsaturated fats, which are amazing for the skin, hair and reduces cholesterol.”

Raw almonds, not the processed, honey nut roasted kind, are another reset for heavy drinking, according to Glassman. Nuts are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, high levels of zinc and magnesium and selenium—and a huge amount of energy. Glassman recommends making “magic silver balls” to his clients. Lay out several strips of aluminum foil, place a handful of raw almonds and roll each into a ball, then place them anywhere you’ll want to snack later on—the bag, car or near the computer. “Think of food as medicine for the body,” he says. “You get three chances a day, seven days a week to eat, feel and look your best.”

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