Foods With Folic Acid: 5 Nutrient-Rich Dishes

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Foods With Folic Acid: 5 Nutrient-Rich Dishes

Take note, men: the benefits of folic acid don’t just apply to pregnancy. So here’s how to get more of the vital B vitamin into your diet.

Disclaimer #1: Folic acid (technically the synthetic version of folate, which occurs naturally in food) is a vital nutrient for pregnant females and helps prevent birth defects. Disclaimer #2: Don’t let disclaimer #1 stop you from continuing to read this article.

Yes, it may come as a total shock, but males also require folic acid, part of the water-soluble B vitamin family. It plays a primary role in the synthesis and repair of DNA and in producing red blood cells, which lowers the risk of anemia. Plus it may also help decrease your risk of colon cancer, prevent heart disease and stroke, and slow memory loss and macular degeneration. (Bonus: It might even keep your sperm healthy.) Sounds legit, right?

Luckily, lots of foods are rich in folate, so it shouldn’t be tough to hit your recommended daily intake of 400 mcg. Here are five easy sources—and delicious dishes—to get you started.


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