Foods With Folic Acid: 5 Nutrient-Rich Dishes

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Foods With Folic Acid: 5 Nutrient-Rich Dishes

Take note, men: the benefits of folic acid don’t just apply to pregnancy. So here’s how to get more of the vital B vitamin into your diet.

3.5 oz of chicken liver has about 193% of your RDA

So we thought we’d save the best for last. (That RDA makes quite a case for indulging on occasion, huh?) One idea: get a little fancy and whip up a quick chicken liver pate at home, which is guaranteed to impress any date. Simply combine sautéed onions and garlic, sautéed chopped chicken livers, 2 hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper and a touch of fresh tarragon. Then, blend it all up in a food processor and serve with whole-wheat baguette toasts.


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