To grill great corn, first remove the husks and silk, and then soak the cobs in cold water for 20 minutes. (This helps the corn retain moisture while it’s being cooked.) Brush or spray the cobs with olive oil, add any extras, then place on the grill over medium heat. Cook for 10–15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until the kernels are tender and golden-brown spots begin to appear.


Top with a touch of butter and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Then sprinkle with chili powder and cayenne pepper.


For cheesy flavor, top with Parmesan and garlic powder, or use garlic-bread seasoning.


Spread corn with basil or cilantro pesto. Just be careful to drain off some of the oil first.


Wrap cob in lean, nitrate-free turkey bacon for added flavor and protein.