Hangover Cures: 8 Healthy Foods To Ease Your Symptoms

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Hangover Cures: 8 Healthy Foods To Ease Your Symptoms

If you drank too much last night, step away from the pizza—and try these good-for-you hangover remedies.

For hangover fuel, skip the typical drunchies like chips and pizza, and grab a piece of fresh fruit or a glass of 100% fruit juice instead. “Fructose—the sugar in fruit—helps to naturally boost the body’s energy," says Shames. "And it increases the rate at which the body gets rid of alcohol’s toxins." The fiber from fruit also aids your body in breaking down and absorbing the remains of last night’s beers, plus—because booze can have a diuretic effect—you'll restore the vitamins and nutrients that were lost from last night's binge.

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