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Hardgainers: 6 Ways to Pack on More Pounds

Are you an avid lifter that can't gain a pound? Here's six tips to start building quality muscle mass.

Have a Moderated Cheat Day

Remember that you don’t just want to gain weight; you want to gain it in the right way. So, even though eating fast food a couple times a day might help you gain the five pounds you want, you probably didn’t envision that weight being all fat. So, like just about any other fitness regimen, there’s a “cheat” day that will come up every once in a while, but just because you’re looking to gain doesn’t mean you can eat whatever at any time you please. “It’s really like a weight loss program, just the opposite,” Klein says, suggesting that whether you’re gaining or losing weight, the focus should always be on doing those things in healthy ways.

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Reassess Every Few Weeks or So

Steffen and Klein both agree that once you’ve worked out a sound strategy for your weight gain, it’s important to be reassessing your program every three weeks to a month. Each new week probably won’t bring about too much change in your body, so space out these assessments – you won’t be able to track your gradual weight gain incrementally on a daily basis. Once you get near your weight goal, you can start working out strategies to maintain the weight in the best possible way.

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Go With Dense Foods

Several choices can work, but always look for foods rich in nutrients as well as calories. Klein suggests oatmeal as a good dense carbohydrate, along with brown rice, and rice cakes with peanut butter or almond butter can be high in carbs and protein, while helping you gain weight. Nuts and lean proteins like fish, poultry and eggs are also great for bulking up while staying healthy.

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