Healthy Grilling Marinades

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Healthy Grilling Marinades

Saucing things up to grill doesn’t have to add excess fat as long as you use your creative juices.

Rub it just right. If you soak it long enough, it will taste even better. But beware, once your meat has been drenched in a marinade of choice, it may be loaded with fat and low in nutrients.

Instead of grabbing jars of store-bought sauces, gather some basic ingredients—herbs, spices, fruits, oils—and try these easy, three-ingredient marinades that will add flavor and keep things lighter if you overindulge during the long weekend.

John La Puma, MD and author of Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine, whips up a few easy sauces that you’ll want to use way beyond the end of May.


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