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Here's Why You Should Opt for Organic Meat and Milk

There are some major health benefits to making the upgrade—even despite the heftier price tag.

There really 
is more to eating organic meat and dairy than just the whole-earth buzz, green-market bragging rights, and Mercedes prices.

A massive meta-analysis out of England’s Newcastle University has determined that organic meat and milk have about 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids—which can fight heart disease, boost brain function, and fortify the immune system—than nonorganic products.

Cows get omega-3s by grazing outside on their natural diet of grass and clover—a USDA mandate farmers must meet to have products labeled “organic.” Other organic pluses: Organic milk also has less insulin-like growth factor (ILGF), which has been linked to cancer; and organic meat is less likely to carry antibiotic resistant bacteria. As for fruits and vegetables, which can be exposed to pesticides and toxins, a good rule of thumb is: If it has an edible skin, like a tomato or apple, opt for organic; if not, nonorganic is fine.

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