Hero Food: The Healthiest Ingredients

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Hero Food: The Healthiest Ingredients

Celebrity chef Seamus Mullen reveals the super foods that will change your life.

“We've all heard about berries being high in essential vitamins and, well, even though it's old news, it's true,” says Mullen. “These help increase the strength of our immune system and better prepare us to fend off disease and inflammation. They are also well known for their antioxidant properties, which help our bodies run cleanly and focus on homeostasis, rather than waste time fending off environmental toxins.

When it comes to berries, I try to buy them in the summer from the farmer's market. If I buy them out of season (sometimes it's unavoidable), I always go for organic, and preferably frozen, rather than flavorless berries shipped from halfway around the world. Blueberries are a terrific antioxidant, but if you're buying conventional ones with trace elements of pesticides, all their antioxidant properties probably get used up just dealing with the pesticides!”

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