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How to Spice Up Grilled Chicken to Make a Non-Boring, Flavor-Filled Meal

Bulk up the nutrients of a plain chicken breast with garlic, lemon, and almonds.
Christopher Testani

It’s the end of “boring” chicken. By adding just a few super ingredients, a drab breast can pop with flavor.

What to pair chicken with: quinoa, tomato, parsley, almonds, water- cress, lemon juice, garlic, yogurt

Why it's a standout: Garlic-and- lemon-spiked yogurt makes a quick sauce for grilled chicken. Adding tomato, parsley, and almonds to quinoa evokes the Middle Eastern salad tabbouleh. Garlic slices fried quickly in olive oil add a surprising twist to peppery greens like watercress—and almost anything else.

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