Let’s get right to the point. You already know that fish is good for you, so we won’t waste any time going into how research shows it can improve body composition, suppress appetite, or make you smarter than you already are. If you like fish, you’re probably already eating it. If you don’t, we get it: Salmon is too fishy, and the first time you tried tilapia you freaked out because you thought you had lost your sense of taste. But what about red snapper? Or rainbow trout? How about searing tuna instead of knocking it out of a can?

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There’s a lot about fish you don’t know, like which ones have the highest nutritional value or the best flavor, or how to use it to seal the deal on a date, for that matter. Consider this your marine-meat cheat sheet—your guide to getting the body you want, the health you deserve, and maybe even the girl across the hall.

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