9 Healthy Snack Ideas for March Madness Parties

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9 Healthy Snack Ideas for March Madness Parties

Getting ready to watch the NCAA tournament? Avoid a Freshman 15 relapse with these smart swaps for typically fatty fare.

March Madness is one of your favorite excuses to reunite and party with your college buddies, right? But cheering on your alma mater can cost you, because—regardless of which team wins—you lose if the numbers keep creeping up on the scale. No one is saying you have to eat celery and carrots during the big game, but you can definitely lighten the load without feeling deprived by making these simple substitutions. So here, nine satisfying snacks that still taste good with beer, yet come without the massive dose of fat.

(For more ways to keep the madness on the court and out of the kitchen, check out The Miracle Carb Diet.)


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