The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

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The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

The best bodies aren't made in the gym—they're created in the kitchen. Get stocked up with the tools you need to achieve a stronger, leaner and healthier you.

Whether you're a mechanic assigned to fix a car, a plumber tasked with snaking a drain, or a contractor hired to build a new house, one thing is for certain: you'd never show up to start work without the right tools for the job.

The same rule applies when you're on a mission to build a strong, lean and healthy body. In this case, your workshop is the kitchen, not the gym. And best way to set yourself up for success is to use a set of tools—a.k.a, appliances—that make cutting fat and boosting flavor an all-but-effortless proposition.

To get you started, we've identified a core set of workhorse kitchen must-haves—appliances that can literally transform you from a drive-thru and delivery addict to a borderline home chef. Don't be surprised that after learning to use these tools (it won't take long) you may start to prefer your own culinary craftsmanship to greasy assembly line dining.


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