The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

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The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

The best bodies aren't made in the gym—they're created in the kitchen. Get stocked up with the tools you need to achieve a stronger, leaner and healthier you.

While we're fans of the big, powerful blender, there are countless times where we'll avoid using it just to avoid hassling of lugging it out and cleaning it up. Enter the immersion blender—a lightweight device that you can simply position over a pot, bowl or other container to transform the contents into the consistancy of your choice.

This model has an ergonomically designed "trigger grip" which allows you to turn on the device at the touch of your thumb, a reduced-suction blade (which helps prevent the blender from getting pulled toward the bottom of the bowl) and a whisk attachment (so you'll never need to purchase one of those oh-so-feminine looking stand mixers).

(; $100)

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