The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

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The Fit Kitchen: Must-Have Appliances

The best bodies aren't made in the gym—they're created in the kitchen. Get stocked up with the tools you need to achieve a stronger, leaner and healthier you.

Boiling causes vital nutrients to leech out of your food. Sautéing is tasty—but it requires you to coat your pan with tons of extra oil. Bottom line: For the lightest, least-fatty way to prepare meats and veggies, then there's no cooking method that beats steaming.

This two-tiered steamer created by whole living guru Dr. Andrew Weil is the ideal size for preparing a perfect post-workout meal (think fish or chicken and fresh veggies) for up to two people. It has six pre-programmed steaming options and an automatic timer.

(; $150)

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