The Best Fat-Burning and Muscle Building Snacks

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The Best Fat-Burning and Muscle Building Snacks

If you have a craving that must be satisfied, choose these fitness friendly treats!

You can burn fat, build muscle, and crush any midday craving, but you need the right weapons. here is your office arsenal.

Someone in your office is plotting against you. We know, because every office has one of these: Sure, she seems sweet enough, all roly-poly in a middle-aged Melissa McCarthy way, always quick with a smile. But every day, she’s laying a new trap. Free doughnuts. Home-baked cookies.

An always-handy jar. Passing by her desk is like dipping your toe in caloric quicksand - in no time, you can be sucked under.

The average office is a veritable kill zone for a guy’s diet. Stress, boredom, fatigue—it’s a perfect recipe for imperfect food cravings. And the ever- jovial Melissa, who just doesn’t get why “health nuts” worry so much about what they eat, is there to fulfill your sweetest desires. “Your ‘candy crush’ is likely due to a need, or desire, for sugar, or other so- called pleasure foods,” says Frank Bottone Jr., Ph.D., a nutritionist and the author of The Diet Denominator.

The key to managing stress-fueled cravings is to have a stash of of snacks that will help you burn fat and build muscle—not the other way around. Here's what to keep in our drawers —so you can continue to fit into your drawers.

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